Supplying your RV with electricity can be simple, however, you may need to determine which type of plug is used to accommodate the required amperage to adequately supply power for the demanding appliances within your RV if the plug should sustain any sort of damage and is rendered useless. Provided below is an orderly list of plug products that enable a power parked RV!

Here is a simple formula that may assist in determining which plug will best suit your application. The amount of amps multiplied by the amount of volts equals total watts. For instance, a 30 amp plug: 30 amps X 125 volts = 3,750 watts. This means 3,750 watts is your power limit for a 30 amp plug with 125 volts. If you exceed this limit the 30 amp system will be overloaded and cease to operate, at least, until you flip the breaker. Most appliances include manuals that provide information regarding power consumption.


30 Amp Plugs

Commercial campgrounds usually provide 30-Amp outlets since 30-Amp systems are most common with RVs.
    Available Models:
      30 Amp Plug:
      -125 volt
      -30 Amp
      -application; travel trailers
      • 120-volt AC power sources are required to operate appliances such as microwaves, electric mode refrigerators, roof a/c units, and 120-volt electrical outlets.
30 Amp Plugs

50 & 60 Amp Plugs

If more power is what you need then don't overlook these options!
    Available Model:
Atwood XT Water Heater, 6 & 10 gal.

Plug Adapters

If the standard heavy-duty 25 ft. RV power cord isn't long enough then these adapters are sure to squeeze as much use as possible out of your power extension cords by converting male and female ends to accommodate your needs. If you are in need of extending power beyond the original source then be sure to checkout Marine Cords and RV Extension Cords
    Available Models:
      30amp twist lock to 30amp RV adapter plug:
      -allows use of 30 amp, 115 volt generator output.
      -twists to lock for secure connection
      -supplies power to 30 amp RV female pigtail
      • 15- and 20-amp are typically provided at state parks and other public facilities but can also be found at commercial campgrounds. It's suggested that you prepare yourself for this instance by always carrying an adapter for amperage conversion.
      • Appliance operation is limited by low-power outlets. If the required amperage isn't supplied for proper operation some appliances may sustain damage so it is important if not imperative to be precise with accommodations, unless, of course, you want to end up purchasing a replacement appliance!
plug adapters